Ódin is an advanced LMS platform, enabling automation and simplification of complex processes in the educational activities of universities. The platform was developed by TSU jointly with an industrial partner in 2020.

LMS Ódin capabilities for distance learning:

Creates interactive classes and online courses

Carries out assessment and certification of students

Tracks their achievements

Promotes university cooperation

About the platform

About the platform

A student, a teacher, an administrator of a university — each participant of educational process can appreciate Ódin for its unique content, innovations, and diversified functions.

The student profile contains a user-friendly interface and a set of educational functions. A full course of lectures on selected disciplines is supported by workshops, training tests and control tests. Apart from automatic check of their knowledge, a student can always receive the grade and teacher’s comment in the chat or by means of a video call. Ódin helps the student to monitor their learning progress and participate in student ranking. The credit includes attendance rate, grades and achievements, research, business and social activities.

Ódin enables students to choose the best courses and teachers. Objective ranking is based on student feedback, data on content views, amount of completed assignments and teacher’s activity.

The Ódin library is created for teachers, where a working, easily manageable catalog is formed. Here, the author content of the higher education establishment is presented and can be used as the basis for preparation or updating of courses of lectures, training assignments and laboratory works, and topical video content.

The Ódin system functionality provides a teacher with unlimited possibilities for diversification and development of their competences in the sphere of pedagogical design of courses, with tutor, invigilator, online learning guidance counselor specialization.

Automation of educational process planning and organization at a contemporary university is the necessary component of modern educational environment. Ódin supports the functionality of smart planning for distance and offline learning and forms the necessary related reports.

The platform implements the functionality of a micro content exchange, that will enable scaling of the best experience in online education, as well as intensifying communication of student and teacher communities among higher education establishments.