The issue of internal communication is currently very important for all companies and organizations. That is why holding workshops, periodic meetings, business negotiations by means of videoconferencing is as relevant as ever! A system that enables remote work shall be simple, easy to use, but reliable and secure.

TSU has chosen a video-conference and remote work platform named Mind.

It is very easy to start using Mind even though most processes can be customized for individual needs and a part can be automated, and the safe use is ensured due to wide administration capabilities. The Mind platform is a 100% Russian solution!

Mind System

The system enables:

  • holding webinars with the possibility to connect up to 200 participants with live video and up to 1,000 participants with a live microphone;
  • possibility to connect from any location convenient for you;
  • possibility to plan events in advance for a certain date and time, specify how often the events will take place, launch events, and remind the participants of the event;
  • possibility of an on-screen demonstration of a report, a lecture or communication;
  • possibility to record an online conference and share it with those who could not attend it;
  • possibility for collaborative editing on a board, so the group can focus on certain parts of the image, hold brainstorms and edit the board jointly with the colleagues.

The Mind videoconferencing system also provides wide administration possibilities:

  • detailed statistics of event attendance;
  • sorting uploaded files by folders (it is possible to upload the necessary data into certain events);
  • sorting contacts by any attribute, possibility to add tags to contacts;
  • launch or plan various types of online conferences in a few clicks without extra settings;
  • apart from personalized invitation links, you can protect your meeting with a password;
  • visual timetable of online conferences, to which you are invited.

The Mind system is optimal for distance learning!   

It allows for the possibility to teach and study from home, productively and with ease. It is a full-featured audio and visual communication with students in combination with periodic testing.

Arrangement for distance learning with Mind

Feedback from students and e-learning process control make for a complete communication with students, combined with periodic surveys, testing, and visual control. It is the guarantee of high-quality distance education!

Online education security means that:

  • Each student has his/her own personalized invitation link to each separate lecture.
  • Simultaneous entry using the same link is impossible.
  • The function of recording the video conference is disabled for all user groups.
  • Posting messages in the chat by students is only possible upon authorization.

Easy daily use of the distance learning platform

No skills are required to learn and use the service. The service is completely managed by the teacher, who enables a student to answer by turning the microphone on and off.

Accessible online education for any device

Mind video conferences do not create any distinctive load on the user’s device or communication channels. Any gadget can work on the home network in the background without difficulty.

The Mind Online Learning webinars take into account the specifics of the educational process at universities, enable simultaneous connection of more than 10,000 listeners, allows for flexible webinar schedule management with control of access to lectures for students and teachers.

Use of Mind Online Learning also allows arranging for:

  • continuous professional education for teachers and students by Russian and international specialists in core disciplines of the university;
  • distance learning programs for external (specifically, corporate) customers of the University;
  • in-house training of employees and teachers (including the branches of the university) in functionality of new information systems and programs of the university with video demonstration of application screens;
  • holding periodic video conferences at the chairs of the university;
  • mass interactive video events;
  • regular video meetings with partners of R&D centers, Russian and international organizations.
Mind products are compatible with all the browsers and OSs, including domestic ones, due to the use of WebRTC

Distinctive features of the solution

The system enables communication sessions with any VC and telephony infrastructure solutions of external manufacturers, using SIP, H.323, BFCP, H.239 protocols.

The audio and video stream mixing mode is supported, thus reducing the requirements to the throughput width of the end user’s channel.

It is possible to select the video capture quality of conference broadcast for each participant individually: in the mixing or broadcast modes for separate video streams.

Participation in VC from a browser window does not require installation of additional software or PC administrator rights.