Aktru Hybrid Learning Auditorium

Aktru Hybrid Learning Auditorium is a software/hardware set that includes both the hardware for classrooms and the software integrating the university e-learning environment elements.

In spring of 2020, upon transition of educational process to full distance learning, several problems became evident regarding arrangement for such processes. Not all the teachers were ready to deliver lectures remotely. 

The main problems were as follows:

  1. some teachers lack skills and knowledge of working in a digital environment
  2. some teachers lack necessary hardware for delivering lectures remotely
  3. the process solutions at hand, used to arrange for distance learning, are limited.

Information on the university timetable is entered into the system, which sets up automatic recording of lectures in the auditorium. The system ties the timetable to e-learning courses of teachers, located in the MOODLE e-university, and immediately after recording, the lecture becomes available for watching in the teacher’s course. During the lecture, the broadcast enables connecting remote students for interaction through a webinar system. All video lectures are also kept on the Aktru portal. As the entire speech of the teachers is converted into subtitles, it is possible to find any definition in the video stream by word search.

List of Aktru auditoriums at TSU:

Auditorium (Building) Address
428 (2) 36 Lenin Ave., behind Building No. 1
141 (1) 36 Lenin Ave.
321 (1) 36 Lenin Ave.
1 (3) 34 Lenin Ave.
221 (4) 8, Moskovsky Highroad
614 (4) 8, Moskovsky Highroad
615 (4) 8, Moskovsky Highroad
108 (6)
49, Arkady Ivanov Str.
202 (7)
66 Lenin Ave.
404 (10)
Research and Development Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (behind Building No. 2)
107 (11)
28 g, Fedor Lytkin Str.
308 (31)
12, Ushaika River Embankment

For partnership or equipment acquisition, please refer to:

Artyom Viktorovich Feshchenko

Artyom Viktorovich Feshchenko

Head of Department of Information Resources and Technologies, Chief of Teaching and Scientific Laboratory of Computer Learning Tools

For technical support of auditoriums and class delivery therein, please refer to the administrator:

Anton Yevgenievich Cherepakhin

Anton Yevgenievich Cherepakhin

E-Learning Support System Specialist