Prospective Student Recruiting

Project “Study of Social Media Potential for Finding, Attraction and Retention of Talented Young People at Regional Universities Based on Big Data Analysis”.

Project purpose

Study of capabilities of analysis of user big data from social media to reveal, attract and preserve talented young people at regional universities.


  • Collection of heterogeneous data from various social media sources, structuring thereof and determination of key metadata.
  • Analysis of obtained data and development of a complex model of a prospective student for regional universities (using the example of TSU) on the basis of specific social, demographic, communicative and behavioral attributes of the user.
  • Creation of tools for applied use of a complex system of social media data analysis in educational marketing to attract for entering and preserve talented young people at regional universities.


  • Using the algorithm, we recruit 8~11% of the total enrollment rate at TSU.
  • The recruits from social media have higher Unified State Exam score and academic progress during the first 2 sessions, than the other students, and the expulsion rate is 2 times lower.
  • Since 2021, the technology of recruiting on social media went beyond TSU and is successfully used by other universities.

Project team

  • Artyom Feshchenko — Research Team Leader, Chief of Laboratory of Computer-Based Training Aids of TSU Institute of Distance Education
  • Anastasia Litvinova — Assistant at TSU Institute of Distance Education
  • Aleksandra Milovanova — Assistant at TSU Institute of Distance Education
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We are looking for cooperation with educational organizations. Please write to Coordinator A.V. Feshchenko to join the use of the student diagnostics and monitoring system.