The Institute of Distance Education of TSU participates in the implementation of a number of scientific and scientific and technical projects in the field of open and distance education. The projects are aimed at developing and putting into practice all elements of the open education system: organizational and legal forms of activity of universities and scientific institutions in the system of open education, resource support for scientific and educational programs, organizational and methodological forms and distance learning technologies.

The Institute participated in the implementation of projects under the following programs.

  1. Federal target program for the development of education for 2006-2010
  2. Federal target program "Development of a unified educational information environment (2001-2005)"
  3. Scientific and technical program "Creating an open education system"
  4. Scientific and technical program "Scientific, scientific and methodological, material, technical and information support of the education system"
  5. Federal target program "Integration"
  6. Federal project “Employment Promotion”