Moodle plugins


  • Analytics and monitoring of educational process

LMS Moodle has built-in educational process monitoring tools, enabling process analysis at the level of a specific e-course or system as a whole. Obtaining updated and valid data on e-learning performance at the level of a certain teacher, student or training unit is impossible through standard Moodle functions.

The proposed monitoring system helps to solve these problems. Analysis of data resulting from monitoring enables assessing the efficiency of e-learning implementation, performance of certain e-learning subjects and training units as a whole, and taking managerial decisions on e-learning process optimization.

  • Prompt access to reports

Reports on each of the Moodle monitoring system services enables quick information access to perform operations for all LMS users: a student, a teacher, a specialist in e-learning at a training unit, administration of a training unit, specialists providing general technical, process, methodological and organizational support of the e-learning system at the university. The system is adapted for Moodle versions 2.9~3.10.

Key functions

  1. Generation of a report on a training unit.
  2. The report is based on the number of visible/hidden courses, the number of new courses, the number of teachers and students registered in the system, the number of active students and teachers.
  3. Teacher activity rating.
  4. The rating is based on the data on the number of: courses in the system, students in the system, active students in the course, teacher activities of content creation and student support, student activities of content view and task completion.
  5. Student questionnaires.
  6. The questionnaires are carried out to assess the e-learning course quality, then the data on a certain teacher or training unit is integrated.
  7. Feedback from users.
  8. Monitoring of LMS support calls.

For all questions, please contact

Artyom Viktorovich Feshchenko

Artyom Viktorovich Feshchenko

Head of Department of Information Resources and Technologies, Chief of Teaching and Scientific Laboratory of Computer Learning Tools