Webinar Systems

TSU uses two platforms in educational process to deliver online lectures: Adobe Connect and Mind.

System capabilities:

  • Transmission of a video and audio signal in real time, which opens the possibility for live communication between the teacher and a student, using a camera and a microphone.

  • Transmission of text, graphics, and video, as well as use of presentation materials meant for ordinary classes in auditoriums without further refinement thereof. 

  • Granting simultaneous access to educational materials presented in various formats. 

  • Broadcasting to several remote groups, even if they are in different branches, which means the possibility to deliver lectures simultaneously to students located in different cities.

  • Possibility to deliver lectures to academic groups as well as to individual students from other cities without the need for them to physically come to the university.

  • Possibility to record the lectures with the goal of further publishing them online, allowing students to watch them or to obtain a local copy of the recording.


Mind Video Conference Participant Manual AdobeConnect Webinar Access Instructions

For all questions, please contact

Anton Nikolayevich Terentyev

Anton Nikolayevich Terentyev

System Administrator, Videoconferencing System Engineer