Project “Communication and Leadership on the Global Market”

Relevance of the Communication and Leadership on the Global Market project lies in the development of linguistic competences and leadership skills of students, which are the necessary characteristics of a world-class specialist.

The project is being implemented as part of the event “enabling at least 20% of students under higher education programs to take certain courses, disciplines (modules), specifically, in the format of online courses, using resources of other organizations carrying out educational activities, including universities, ensuring conforming of the quality of student training to the world-class level” (hereinafter—the project) of the Young Professionals (Improving the Competitiveness of Professional Education) Federal Project, the National Project Education (Agreement for provision of grants in the form of subsidies from the federal budget in accordance with Clause 4, Article 78.1 of the Budget Code of the Russian Federation (internal number 2020-11-MP-0001-OK 159) dated July 28, 2020 No. 075-15-2020-754).

Project purpose:

  • Improvement of academic mobility of students;
  • Development of a network form of education, when implementing higher education programs.

Project objectives:

  1. Develop 3 online courses to be used in training and education by higher educational organizations;
  2. Increase the number of students using e-learning (online courses) and resources of other educational organizations.

Project activities

  1. Creation of 3 online courses:
    • Leadership and Teambuilding
    • Practice of Oral and Written Translation
    • Theoretical Basics of Language Learning
  1. Hosting of online course materials by a one-stop resource
  2. Formation of groups of educational organizations, whose students will study the developed online courses as part of their educational programs.
  3. Support of students in Russian organizations of higher education, when using online courses.
  4. Filling in the records upon education completion and transfer of documents to the organizations, where students study.

Project implementation time frames

August 2020 – August 2021

Project management