Recruitment for the professional retraining program "Enterprise (business) valuation" has been opened: new opportunities for nonresident students

Recruitment for the professional retraining program "Enterprise (business) valuation" has been opened: new opportunities for nonresident students

Who will be interested in the program:
* anyone who wants to learn a new profession;
* graduates of economic and construction universities who want to gain advantages in the labor market;
* assistants of realtors and auto experts who do not have a specialized education and want to continue their activities in this field.

Advantages of the professional retraining program at TSU:

* an online format is available - "Live Presence Effect" *
* an opportunity for students to obtain an additional specialty
* joining the self-regulating organization "Russian Society of Appraisers" for TSU graduates without an entrance fee;
* preparation for professional activity in any field of evaluation activity;
* the level of training allows you to pass a single qualification exam;
* classes are conducted by experienced teachers and expert practitioners;
* maintaining a database of graduates of the program for potential employers.

What you will learn:
* analyze information about the object of evaluation using information technology;
* determine the condition of the object of evaluation and other price-forming factors affecting the cost;
* study the state of the market and select analogues of the object of evaluation;
* reasonably choose methods and approaches to determine the value of the object of assessment;
* make calculations when determining the cost;
* to draw up and issue a final document on the determination of the cost in the form of a report, estimate, conclusion.

The head of the program is Dmitry Mikhailovich Khloptsov, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Economics and the Department of Valuation and Property Management of TSU IEM, Director of TOKKO Valuation Bureau LLC, member of the Board of the Russian Society of Appraisers, Chairman of the Board of the Tomsk Regional Branch of the ROO.

The curriculum includes the study of disciplines in the following blocks
• * Economic and legal disciplines:
Accounting, Taxes and taxation, Financial analysis and audit, Investments, Mathematical methods in valuation, Micro- and macroeconomic fundamentals of pricing, Legal support for the formation, circulation and valuation of property, Theory and practice of forensic examination.

* Real Estate and Land Valuation:
Fundamentals of Property Valuation, Pricing in Construction, Fundamentals of Real Estate Valuation, Real Estate Valuation Practice, Land Valuation.

* Valuation of machinery, equipment and vehicles:
Pricing in mechanical engineering and instrumentation, The basics of estimating the cost of machinery, equipment and vehicles, The practice of estimating the cost of machinery, equipment and appliances, The valuation of vehicles.

* Valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property:
Intellectual property as a special object of valuation, Pricing of Intellectual property, Fundamentals of Valuation of Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property, Practice of Valuation of Intangible Assets, Practice of Valuation of Intellectual Property in Special Cases.

* Valuation of the business (property complex of the operating enterprise):
Fundamentals of enterprise (business) valuation, Practice of enterprise (business) valuation, Valuation of credit and financial institutions.

Requirements for the level of training:
Secondary vocational or higher vocational education, confirmed by a document. University students are invited to participate (certificate from the place of study).

Form of study: correspondence (with partial separation from work)

Duration of training: 8-9 months (800 hours), the beginning of classes as the group is recruited (an online format is available - "Live presence Effect"*).
Upon graduation, a diploma of professional retraining of TSU is issued.

The program is focused on the development of professional competencies in the field of evaluation activities. Developed in accordance with the professional standard "Specialist in evaluation activities" (Order of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation dated August 4, 2015 N 539n).

Tuition fee: 58 000,00 rubles.

The "Live presence effect" is a great opportunity to get a high-quality education and a diploma from Tomsk State University for students from other cities (connection to the Internet broadcast of classes is carried out: a virtual listener sees and hears everything that happens in the audience, asks questions and participates in discussions).
For training questions, please contact the office (Dean's Office) of executive programs, MBA of the Institute of Economics and Management of TSU, tel. (3822) 785-633, 785-644,

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