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Artem V. Feschenko.
Social networks in education: an analysis of experience and perspective / Open and distance education. — R. 3 (43). — Tomsk : 2011. — P. 44-49.

V.S. Zasedatel, A.A. Stepanenko, A.N. Terentyev.
Designer e-learning courses as instrument of development of information system of higher education institution / International symposium 'Electronic resources in education’. – Anapa, 2011.
Processes of information support and transition to the education standard of the third generation is the reason for working out and introduction of electronic educational resources to the educational process. However the process of creation education resources by teachers is difficult it takes much time and specialized knowledge. The automated system of creation of electronic educational resources of Tomsk state university allows teachers to create teaching materials, keep in and have entrance to the bank resources according to the request of contemporary educational.