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"The Changing Arctic" from the TSU professor Terry Callaghan is the only course on Coursera from a Nobel Prize winner


Vladimir P. Demkin
Organization of distant education system in Siberia // The Association bulletin "Open university of Western Siberia". — R 1. — Barnaul. — P. 29-33.

Vladimir M. Vymyatnin
Educational portals: problems of development // The Association bulletin "Open university of Western Siberia". — R 1. — Barnaul. — P. 33-34.

Demkin V.P.
Tomsk teleport in regional system info-communication maintenance of social and economic problems // Open and distance education. — 1(17). — Tomsk : 2005. — P. 5 - 8.

In the article is given the analyse of project results of the creation Tomsk regional teleport. The teleport features such as of basic services and importance estimation of teleport is given for decision social-economic problems of the region.

Shakirova A.R.
Geoinformation technologies: the basic concepts, functions and types of application // Open and distance education. — 1(17). — Tomsk : 2005. — P. 33 - 36.

In the article is given the concise reviewing of primary conceptions in the field of geo-informatics systems and its applications as well as is described of the function of geo-informatics systems and kinds of its using.

Mozhaeva G.V., Tubalova I.V.
Application of distans technologies of training for development of creative abilities of gifted children // Open and distance education. — 1(17). — Tomsk : 2005. — P. 36 - 43.

In the article the possibility of training of gifted children with use of information technologies is analyzed and also the special features of the training electronical courses for gifted children are presented.

Trukhin A.V., Skripka V.I.
Automated system of educational process support: experienceof development // Open and distance education. — 1(17). — Tomsk : 2005. — P. 51 - 55.

Structure and functions of the automated system of distant education process support is analyzed. The system was developed in Distant Education Institute of Tomsk State University.

Demkin V.P., Mozhaeva G.V., Rudenko T.V.
Information system of establishments the general education: experience of tomsk area // Open and distance education. — 2(18). — Tomsk : 2005. — P. 5 -11.

The problems connected to features of the organization of information system of establishments of the general education are investigated, its opportunities and structure are submitted, components of information system are analysed and the minimal requirements showed to its(her) creation are formulated in the work.

Mozhaeva G.V., Rudenko T.V.
Open profile schools: from the concept to realization // Open and distance education. — 4 (20). — Tomsk : 2005. — P. 45 -50.

The project of development of correspondence schools of Tomsk State University on the basis of modern communication technologies is analyzed in the article. The basic directions of development of correspondence schools, technologies of the organization of the training, expected results of realization of the project are considered.