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Annually Institute of Distance Education of National Research Tomsk State University participates in scientific and technical projects in the sphere of open and distance education. Projects are aimed at design and introduction all elements of the system of open education: organization and legislative forms of universities activity and scientific institutions projects in the sphere of open education, scientific and educational programs, and organizational and methodological forms and technologies of distance education resource supply. Since 2004 IDE has participated in more than 25 projects, the most important of which are:

  1. International project QM&CQAF - The expansion of the EU-approaches to providing the partner-countries higher education quality assurance Expanding Quality Assurance
  2. International project Pathway from EQAVET to NQAVET (NQAVET)
  3. International project Expanding the quality spirit of VET (Q &VET)
  4. Project of National Research Tomsk State University Development of e-learning and distance technologies including for realization of joint educational programs and individualization of learning, 2013 2015
  5. Project of National Research Tomsk State University Development of lifelong learning of adults, 2014 2015
  6. Project of National Research Tomsk State University Development of Internet-lyceum for attraction of talented pupils (including foreign pupils) with using distance technologies, 2014 2015
  7. Project Development and testing of methods of creating and implementing master's degree programs with academic modules in the form of distance learning courses taught by foreign professors, 2015
  8. Project Working out and inculcation of interaction models between higher professional and general educational institutions on realization of general educational programs of high schools focused on development of children and teenagers endowments on the basis of a distance school at national research university in following five academic directions: 1)humanities, natural sciences; 2)humanities, physics; 3)mathematics, physics; 4)humanities, chemical and biological 5)physics, natural sciences, 2011-2012
  9. Project Organizational-analytical support of the priority national project Education for an activity E-learning development of disabled children, 2010
  10. Project Elaboration of the computer simulator and target specification project for creation of e-learning system E-tutor, 2012
  11. Project Working out and testing of the program of advancing professional retraining of personnel and training-methodical complex (further TMC), focused on investment projects SC Rosnanotech in the field of multisectoral manufacture of porous nanostructure nonmetallic inorganic coverings, 2010
  12. Project Development of integrated information and communication environment for all educational levels, 2010
  13. Project Development of in-Russian scientific and pedagogical personnel mobility by means of carrying out by young scientists and teachers researches in scientific and educational centers within Federal target program Scientific and pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia, 2009
  14. Project Basis on universities, which introduce innovative educational programs, forming network distributed structure of professional development of teachers and scientific workers on innovative educational programs results introduction and educational technologies implementing within Federal target program of education development, 2008-2009
  15. Project Development and approbation of cognitive television model as a mean of continuous education of children and adults within Federal target program of education development, 2008
  16. Project Development of methodology of qualitative improvement of education and upbringing system of learning youth, administrators and specialists of educational institutions and education boards on providing personal and social safety in emergencies within NTP Development of scientific potential of higher school, 20062008
  17. Project Maintenance and development of informational system United access window to educational resources within treaty with public corporation Publishing house Enlightenment 20062008
  18. Innovative educational TSU program (Priority national project Education), 20062007
  19. Project Didactic models of educational process organization using internet-technologies at school within the Program Development of informational resources and technologies. Education industry, 2004
  20. Project Scientific and methodological providing of creation of distributed organizational structures of ODE CIS systems in NTP Creation of open education system, 2004