Project “Advanced Technologies for Continuous Education”

The Advanced Technologies for Continuous Education Project provides for implementation of the activity “Training of Academic Staff and Corporate Employees in Implementation of Advanced Programs of Continuous Education” under the federal project “New Opportunities for Everyone” of the National Project Education.

Project purpose:

The main project purpose is to form a talent pool in the constituents of the Russian Federation for large-scale and effective implementation of advanced programs of continuous education, based on the synthesis of advanced educational technologies and the topics of advanced production technologies specified in the global technology agenda of development of the Russian Federation by 2030.

Project objectives:

  1. Form competences of design and promotion of the continuous education program aimed at gaining process skills in demand at enterprises of the real sector of economy of constituents of the Russian Federation among academic staff and corporate employees;
  2. Form competences in the sphere of advanced educational technologies, technologies of formation and delivery of modern educational content with regard to age and psychological and individual psychological features of the target audience of continuous education (including education of employees with health limitations and incapacitated persons, employees of various age groups, young specialists, mentors, etc.) among academic staff and corporate employees;
  3. Create conditions for upgrading of existing continuous education programs by means of development by listeners of new modules and new educational products on the topic, taking into account the priority areas of refreshing of skills and competences of citizens (according to Order of the RF Ministry of Education and Science No. 178 dated March 28, 2019);
  4. Deepen relationships and extend cooperation between the university community and corporate employers with the goal to upgrade the continuous education system both in terms of content (conformity to priority areas of refreshing the skills and competences of citizens) and in terms of modern forms of educational process implementation;
  5. Create conditions to enhance involvement of citizens in education under modern educational programs of continuous education.

Project activities

As part of the project, the university organizes education under 3 programs:

Each program provides for formation of individual trajectories, includes internship of listeners at high-tech production facilities of the economy sectors relevant for the region, implemented partially face-to-face at the site of the hosting university and partially remotely, based on the online course. As the result, the listeners will develop an educational product for continuous education programs (program fragment or module). Educational process is built as an illustration of educational technologies relevant for the digital world, mentoring, design, and promotion of modern programs of additional education.

Project management

Materials reflecting project activity

TSU won a grant in the sphere of advanced technologies of education for adults TSU won a grant of the Ministry of Education and Science for training listeners in design and implementation of modern programs of continuous education Education of listeners under continuous education programs has started