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A regional center for competences in online education is going to be found at TSU


The Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation have made their decision on the winners of the grant competition in the framework of the priority project Modern digital educational environment of the Russian Federation as a part of the Development of the Education governmental program of the Russian Federation for 2013-2020.

The competition included several nominations. For the nomination 3.4. Founding a regional center for competences in online education 80 proposals by various Russian HEIs have been submitted. According to the decision made by the panel of experts the best proposal is the one by National Research Tomsk State University, which has been written by the IDE staff (overall score is 2,10750). In 2017 regional centers will be also found in VolgaTech University (1,72346), Moscow State (1,71718), South (1,70118), Far East (1,64857) and Siberian Federal (1,63535) Universities, Tula State University (1,62939), Baltic Federal University (1,61838), Tyumen State University (1,60464) and Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University (1,59938). Each university is going to get 22 mln rubles aimed at foundation and development of a regional center for 2017-2019.

Tomsk regional center for competences in online education based at TSU is going to have integrating and coordinating functions, taking into consideration interests of the regional educational organizations in the framework of the state policy in the sphere of education. TSU partners for the Center are other leading universities Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics and Siberian State Medical University. The aim of the Center is development of online education in higher and secondary professional educational organizations.

The priority events by the Tomsk regional center for 2017-2015 are:

  • Organizing education for the staff of educational organizations (higher and secondary professional education) in the sphere of online course design and their usage, as well as examination and certification in the field of online education;

  • Teaching students to use online courses;

  • Organizing discussion and sharing the best practices in using online courses;

  • Monitoring the development of online education in Tomsk region;

  • Managing collaboration with educational organizations of all levels in providing career guidance to children and working with gifted children using online courses and many others.

TSU is grateful to Sergey Zhvachkin, a Tomsk governor ad interim, for the provided support.

In the meantime, TSU as a partner of Ural Federal University that is the winner in two other nominations is going to be an associate contractor and participate in designing and probing a quality evaluation system for online courses and producing online courses about their production.

Moreover, as a part of this large-scale project, Tomsk is going to host a forum EdCrunch Tomsk devoted to new EdTech in 2018.



The priority project Modern digital educational environment of the Russian Federation is aimed at creating opportunities for acquiring high-quality education by citizens of different ages and social status by means of modern information technologies.