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Over 500 people have studied MOOCs at our Siberian MOOC School

Programs of professional development

Tomsk State University Institute of Distance Education is the coordinator of the Universitys activity in additional vocational training.

TSU professional skills and retraining programs are developed by leading faculties and research assistants. The maintenance support is presented on the IDE website.

Listeners who have successfully passed final exams gain a certificate of a short-term refresher course (apprenticeship 16 hours and more) and a professional retraining diploma (over 250 hours).

Distance education methods are based on learners independent work as the main type of educational activity. The educational process is carried out in the Learning Management System Electronic University MOODLE. Continuous Internet support of the educational process is guaranteed by various information and communication technologies such as teleconference, webinar, chat, forum, e-mail, etc.

We invite high school and scientific research institute employees, teachers, and experts from various enterprises, private individuals, and corporate customers to be trained in the following programs:

  1. Informational and Communication Technologies
  2. Nano-system industry and materials
  3. Biosystems
  4. Rational nature management
  5. Business education
  6. Modern humanitarian problems
  7. Culture and cross-cultural communication
  8. Psychological and educational technologies
  9. Information technologies in education and scientific activity
  10. Education quality management
  11. Legal science



Education and methodology specialist, specialist in developing educational programs and organizing supplementary professional training