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E-learning at TSU


  • Forms the information culture of students and teachers
  • Increases efficiency of educational process
  • Expands possibilities of students in learning programs and their access to educational resources
  • Provides participation of the university in the world educational process

Since 2014 IDE is a TSU department responsible for MOOC projects.


Electronic informational and educational environment of TSU:

For creating electronic educational resources the following instruments are used:

  • Electronic educational resources designer developed by IDE TSU;
  • Cloud services;
  • Special software for creating interactive apps.

Human resources e-learning

Retraining activity:

  • Seminars on e-learning provided by Institute of Distance Education for the university administration and employees;
  • Professional development programs “E-learning in University”, “Moodle system of distance learning in educational process”, etc.;
  • Оn- and off-line consultative support in e-learning;
  • Improving methods of developing electronic educational content and learning technologies;
  • TSU employees retraining programs at TSU and other Russian and international higher education institutions with the participation of leading scientists and teachers.

E-learning and distance education performance measures at TSU

  • 22 out of 24 TSU faculties and institutes are included in TSU e-learning system;
  • In 2005-2013 over 600 employees from 132 Russian higher education institutions graduated from TSU professional development programs;
  • In 2013-2014 over 540 TSU teachers completed a professional development program “Moodle system of distance learning in the educational process”;
  • In TSU there are over 700 learning courses in LMS “Electronic University – MOODLE”;
  • In TSU there were created over 2,500 electronic educational resources;
  • In 2015 13 TSU MOOCs have been launched on 3 online education platforms and over 30,000 learners have already enrolled in them.