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Over 500 people have studied MOOCs at our Siberian MOOC School

Activity results

IDEs outcome has been improving the scientific, methodological, and practical basis of distance education, to enable qualitative changes in educational technologies and to enable using the unique opportunities of the Tomsk scientific and educational institutions for providing educational services and creating a lifelong system of open education.

Results of the work done by TSUs Institute of Distance Education are of major importance for building an integrated educational environment in the Tomsk Region, consolidating the actions of educational institutions in the sphere of distance education and supporting TSU informatization (IT integration).

We have created:

  • Regional model of educational IT environment;
  • TSU system for further professional education introducing a model for an individual education route;

  • Professional development framework including various programs launched in cooperation with other Russian institutions of higher education and retraining programs made in partnership with Folkuniversitetet (Sweden);
  • TSU school portal (, basing on Web 2.0 technologies and servers;

  • Internet-lyceum for pupils that specializes in open profile (distance) schools aiming at increasing interest in science and education among pupils;
  • System of educational portals.


We have developed:

  • Organizational, methodological, and technological models for open and distance education learning process;
  • A concept of the open profile school, which was realized in several correspondence schools for pupils in physics and mathematics, chemistry, biology, management and journalism.

We have designed:

  • Complex of databases and automated informational structures for distance and further education;
  • Automated system of distance education Electronic University and modernize it on a regular basis;
  • On-line testing system Accent.

We have improved:

  • Technological model for interinstitutional cooperation that is based on the modern infrastructure of network telecommunication, remote access and satellite broadcasting computer technologies for educational purposes;
  • Regulatory documents, new informational and educational technologies as well as summarized an experience gained by Siberian Open University association and defined the directions for broadening the regional area of IT-education and increasing effectiveness of educational activity.

We have launched:

  • Professional development programs for engineers in such significant spheres of the Russian economy as development of a) nanosystem industry and b) transport and space systems;
  • TSU MOOCs on online education platforms: Coursera, Iversity, (Lektorium);
  • Professional development of over 5000 specialists from all over Siberia in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency;

  • Distance schools for gifted children and teenagers.

We have published:

  • Over 500 papers devoted to scientific and methodological issues, 4 monographs on IT in education.

We offer:

Support and development of the following websites: Institute of Distance Education, Siberian Open University association, Distance Education Regional Center, educational portals of TSU and the Federal Resource Center of the Siberian Federal Region.