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Over 500 people have studied MOOCs at our Siberian MOOC School

Mission and Work Areas

  • Solving fundamental and applied problems in the sphere of distance education

  • Developing the system of distance education at Tomsk State University

  • Developing the system of further education at Tomsk State University

  • Producing and maintaining Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

  • Developing Tomsk State University’s e-learning system

  • Managing TSU departments concerning distance education and lifelong learning, and providing them with scientific, educational, methodological and technological help in this field

  • Organizing network projects based on information and communication technologies (ICT)

  • Summarizing, developing, and implementing leading experience in education and methodology, new organizational forms and methods used in education, and up-to-date educational technologies

  • Establishing new connections and strengthening the existing ties with other Russian as well as international universities and organizations dealing with distance and further education

  • Performing scientific research in the field of e-learning and lifelong learning including virtual and augmented reality and 3D modeling, as well as in the sphere of realization and educational quality of online projects

Work areas

Distance and e-learning


Designing electronic resources for educational programs of different levels

Developing an adaptive educational environment, which is based on the interconnection of innovative pedagogical and information technologies and serve as a basis for lifelong education

Carrying on  international activity in the sphere of open, distance education and e-learning

Adult education using in particular distance learning technologies


Operating higher and further professional education (in cooperation with TSU departments) with the help of Internet technologies and satellite broadcasting

Developing didactic models involving information and computing technology

Solving methodological problems concerning electronic information in educational process

Developing various technologies for electronic devices used for educational purposes, probing instruments for net communication technologies and satellite broadcasting of educational content

Creating infrastructure for lifelong education

Methodology and technology practices


Implementing, developing and supporting Tomsk State University e-learning system

Designing a regional model for integrated educational IT environment basing on the experience of the Tomsk Region

Developing a concept of the electronic educational resources design, open distance school and net model

Designing a support system for the educational process

Developing TSU’s educational portal, Siberian Federal Region resource center, and Russian general educational portal

Performing professional retraining in the sphere of ICT for educators