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"The Changing Arctic" from the TSU professor Terry Callaghan is the only course on Coursera from a Nobel Prize winner


Results of IDE TSU activity in creating and developing a distance education system, system of supplementary education, lifelong learning, and informatization of education are represented at exhibitions, where they have been awarded diplomas and medals.

Institute of Distance Education is a permanent participant of science and technology exhibitions held in Russia and abroad. Many IDE projects have won prizes at prestigious Russian exhibitions.

Seven Institute employees performing research in distance education became laureates of the Tomsk Region prize in the field of education for 2000 and 2001. IDE employees became laureates of two state prizes in the field of education: the Russian President and the Government prizes.

In 2002 a group of seven persons, headed by the Rector of TSU G. Mayer, became a laureate of Russian President prize in educational for 2001 for the research on development of open educational sphere and Universities join activity in open and distance education, which were carried out at IDE.

In 2013 representatives of National Research Tomsk State University – G. Mayer, V. Demkin, G. Mozhaeva, T. Rudenko, E.R. Shrager – in a scientific team of nine developers became laureates of the Russian Government prize in education for the “Development of methodological bases of innovative forms of networking and their implementation in continuing education for scientific and human support of socio-economic development of the regions”.

IDE TSU quality management system was evaluated and registered by authorized organization, NQA, according to correspondence to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standards requirement in the area of design and distance educational services rendering in the sphere of multilayer academic, postgraduate and supplementary education, scientific and research works.

Accreditation Certificate №2 (Information and Communication Technology in Social and Humanitarian Practive)

Accreditation Certificate №3 (Electronic Commerce)