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Tomsk State University and international e-learning platform Coursera have been in a fruitful partnership since 2015

General Information

Institute of Distance Education (IDE TSU) was created by the order of the TSU Rector on June 3, 1998, to form a research and educational area of Tomsk State University based on modern telecommunication and information technology, to concentrate the efforts of every university department; to coordinate their work in distance education development and its integration into university educational process; and to enable several education programs to use distance technologies. Since 2005 the Institute has coordinated activities of TSU departments in the sphere of supplementary education. Since 2013 IDE has provided methodological and technical support for e-learning to university and supplementary educational programs. Since 2014 IDE has been the TSU department responsible for producing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Activity of Institute of Distance Education

IDE is the department where the educational, methodological, and technical grounding of TSU distance education based on multimedia and web technologies is based. The Institute possesses large computer and licensed software holdings necessary for multimedia course production, and methodological and technical support for the educational process.

The Institute staff includes experienced specialists in distance education. Engineering personnel include experts in network engineering, software development, databases, and control systems of the educational process. Other employees specialize in ergonomics, design, psychology and medicine. Teachers not only of the University, but of preschool, primary, and secondary schools and remedial pedagogy institutions cooperate with the Institute.

IT students and graduates actively participate in the IDE activity. The topics of the staff Candidate's (PhD) dissertations are determined by their specialty at the Institute.

The Institutes management initiative Association of Educational and Scientific Institutions Siberian Open University and a project on distance education development in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the Russian-Kazakh Distance Education University, are the first system projects in Russia corresponding to the worlds experience.