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"The Changing Arctic" from the TSU professor Terry Callaghan is the only course on Coursera from a Nobel Prize winner

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TSU has launched a MOOC on psychology of creativity


The course Genius. Talent. Golden mediocrity by Tomsk State University is available on Coursera from now on. The authors are Lukyanov Oleg, Doctor of Psychology, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Psychology of Personality, and Stipek Anastasia, a senior lab technician at the same Department, psychologist and art-therapist.

Genius. Talent. Golden mediocrity is an applied MOOC that is oriented to studies in the field of creativity, help with the experience of crises, human potential realization and care. It may be useful for professional psychologists and for all of those who are interested in the topic. Authors will show how the three dimensions manifest themselves in life and how you can fulfill your genius, abilities, and talents more fully.

In 2015 this course was available on iversity German e-learning platform and brought many positive reviews from learners all other the world. The Russian version of the course is open on the platform .