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Study by IDE reached a new level


The study performed at Tomsk State University has been indexed in Scopus which is the largest reference database consisting of 21,000 titles of scientific journals from about 5,000 leading international publishers.

MOOC Quality Evaluation System: Tomsk State University Experience is devoted to the issues of quality of online learning and massive online courses in particular. While many professionals are skeptical about MOOCs, Tomsk State University for the recent 3 years has elaborated and has been constantly improving their quality evaluation system. This system is based on 10-year-experience of TSU at quality management in e-learning. The novelty of the system which is used at TSU is in involvement of diverse stakeholders, starting from experts in the subject field and finishing with learners.

The study performed by our researchers has approval from colleagues at the e-learning conferences in Boulder (USA, March, 2017) and Madrid (Spain, May, 2017). The conference participants were impressed with the richness of the TSU MOOC portfolio, the level of their partners in MOOC production, and a profound approach to the quality management. The reviewers highlighted the novelty of considering the type of the course (popular science or a specialized course) when evaluating the quality. That is why the authors emphasized this aspect in the final version of the paper.

The fact that the study has been indexed in Scopus, one of two leading databases which is used by researchers from all over the world, is a sort of approval of our work and a chance to spread the audience of the readers. The authors hope that this paper will contribute the quality evaluation system for MOOCs in the world and will raise the level of e-learning.

The study MOOC Quality Evaluation System: Tomsk State University Experience (Dyomin V., Mozhaeva G., Babanskaya O., Zakharova U.) is available in English:

Authors version

The final version is on Springer website