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Tomsk State University and international e-learning platform Coursera have been in a fruitful partnership since 2015

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TSU holds an International e-learning conference and the 5th Siberian MOOC School


The university welcomes guests at the International Research and Practice Conference “MOOC in the Context of Modern Education: Towards the Digital University” on the 17th-19th of April, 2017.

The conference events are aimed at searching for possible solutions to today’s challenges in online pedagogy and developing the eLearning system; discussing the prospects of MOOCs in light of the digital universities that are being established; and defining and analyzing methods of enhancing the quality of eLearning.

The Conference key topics are

  • ELearning: research, models and technologies
  • Psychology, pedagogy and culture of online education
  • Integrating online courses into the university education
  • ELearning for basic and secondary professional education
  • Online courses design
  • Employers’ involvement in MOOC production
  • MOOC management and peculiarities
  • Quality of eLearning
  • Informational and marketing potential in MOOCs: big data in education
  • MOOCs and lifelong learning
  • Current IT in eLearning

The speakers are Russian and international specialists and researchers in eLearning and online pedagogy, local governmental entities of higher, secondary, professional, and basic education, practicing instructors, MOOC authors, managers and training specialists from Russian and international universities and open eLearning platforms (National Open Education Platform, Coursera, Lektorium, Stepic), and psychologists and other specialists in open and electronic education in Russia, the USA, Canada, Norway, and other countries.

Languages – Russian and English (simultaneous interpretation).

The Conference includes a range of scientific and practical events.

The Conference website is

All the Conference events will be broadcasted online, so you can join us virtually.

We will be happy to see you at our Conference in April!